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Welcome to relaxationdirect.com, the site with useable and effective solutions to help you relax from every day stress.

If you want to access calmness and reduce anxiety throughout your day then you are in the right place! Physical, emotional and mental stress and tension accumulate so simple daily breathing and work life balance ideas are essential if you are to reach your true potential and enjoy a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Calmness Breathing© is our core relaxation tool with benefits ranging from enhanced sleep, increased energy, improved mood, higher self esteem, boosted immune system, a better memory, sharper mental focus/clarity to improved posture and reduced muscular and physical tension. Details of Seminars and up to date events are also listed. Just think, soothing tranquillity could be just a breath away!


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E-book articles cover:

  • Fear of flying
  • Christmas Stress
  • Seasonal Stress
  • Wedding Stress
  • Moving House
  • Relaxed Revision
  • Singers and Actors Advice
  • Public Speaking
  • Teachers' Voice/Relaxation Advice
  • Parental Stress
  • Children's Relaxation Ideas
  • Inner strength and Positive Thought

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